Privacy Policy

Wtech Co., Ltd is the legal entity operating WPLUS. Wtech Co., Ltd respects and will protect the privacy of all users of WPLUS. WPLUS will collect only the information required to provide users with the necessary app functionalities, in accordance to this Privacy Policy. Except as otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, Wtech Co., Ltd will not disclose or provide any user information to third party sources without prior consent from the user, unless required by law. By using WPLUS, you acknowledge to have read and agreed to the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Range of Application

When you register or activate an account in WPLUS, you must provide your mobile phone number as the basic requirement for using the app. When you use WPLUS, WPLUS will request access to your mobile phone’s contact list and to the phone calls function. Moreover, depending on your extent of usage, WPLUS may request access to your mobile phone’s camera and microphone functions. WPLUS automatically receives and records information generated from your usage of the app, including but not limited to: your transaction history, account balance, transaction messages, contacts, use of language, access date and time, and other data.

Use of Information

Without prior consent, Wtech Co., Ltd will not provide, sell, lease, share, or trade your personal information and sensitive user data to any third party sources, unless required by law. Wtech Co., Ltd will not perform editing or altering of your personal information in any way. Wtech Co., Ltd may occasionally use your personal information in order to provide you with important product information, updates, requests for feedback, or other crucial communications.

Information Disclosure

Under the following circumstances, Wtech Co., Ltd may disclose your personal information in full or in part:

With your prior consent, Wtech Co., Ltd Limited may disclose your personal information to a third party.

Wtech Co., Ltd is required to disclose your details to the relevant authorities upon their request, if you are found to be using WPLUS in a way that violates international laws, regulations, or the WPLUS Terms of Service.

Wtech Co., Ltd reserves the right to decide to provide any necessary information or contact information in order to facilitate the completion of a transaction or dispute resolution related to a transaction made in WPLUS.

The Storage and Exchange of Information

Information collected by Wtech Co., Ltd will be stored on its servers. Such data may be transmitted between servers operated by Wtech Co., Ltd, irrespective of jurisdiction.

Information Security

You are responsible for protecting the security and safety of your WPLUS account information, including but not limited to: your mobile phone number and access PIN, and any Crypto addresses generated. Wtech Co., Ltd will never ask you to disclose your account access information, and any such requests you receive can be deemed as fraudulent. If you suspect that your WPLUS account information has been compromised, please contact WPLUS customer service immediately.